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Biggie Smalls is a rapper or a movie?

My favourite rapper used to be Eminem, but that was a LONG time ago when I actually listened to rap. Now I don't even think of rap as music anymore, I'm sorry for all you rap fan lovers, it's just not my type :D


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Yeah I don't listen to rap anymore, but I remember some of my old rappers that I used to listen to (and I can't say they are my favourite either..). Some I remember were 50 cent, Eminem, PopET, yeah.. and people like them. I don't like rap anymore like I said, because they have bad background music >.<


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I don't know what rapper you're talking about, mainly because I don't like listening to rap. I usually listen and stay with my Korean pop/hip hop music.. I'm really not a fan of those rap/hard-core rock lovers.. haha lol. It's got nothing to do with the actual music genre, it's just not my type, you know?


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I love to listen to rap, and you guys that think rap doesn't have good background music.. it's because you're listening to people like Eminem.. no wonder.

I listen to K. West, his music is really good, and I'm sure a lot of you guys know about him.. and rap isn't always for gangster wanna-bes.. I think.. :p