RC73 HR54 remote programming for Denon AVR 1610 - DirecTV

Got new system installed last week. The installer programmed the remote it only controls volume and won't turn on/off. Not that big of a deal.

But, I ordered another RC73 to have 2 working remotes in the family room like I have with uverse.

Problem is, I can't program the 2nd remote. I have gone thru the menus etc and it does not work. The 'copy settings' is greyed out. I have tried several codes off of the lookup codes w/o any luck. Is it possible they only have 1 remote programmed at a time? I have the 2nd remote in RF mode, so that should not be a problem.

Is there a way to tell what the current code is on the first remote? The old uverse remotes had a function that would tell what the current programming code is (instead of the nifty copy settings option).

Any thoughts or ideas is greatly appreciated.


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