RC73 will not stay in RF for HR44 - DirecTV

When I first got the receiver setup the remote worked fine, set to RF and set to control my TV. Then a few weeks later it stopped controlling the HR44 but still controlled the TV, finally got it back to controlling the HR44 but then would not go back into RF (lost count of how many times I followed those steps) and of course no longer controls the TV. Called and was sent a new remote. Before receiving I googled some more and found something about resetting the HR44. I did that and was able to get the remote back to RF and set for my TV but of course had to reset all my recordings. So low and behold again a few weeks later I come home this evening and same thing the remote is no longer controlling the HR44. So I take out the new one I was sent and it will not set to RF either. I get the original remote and reset it and get it to connect to the HR44 but it also will not set to RF again. I am not resetting the HR44 again. To me I think there is something wrong with the HR44 and it's not the remotes. I was able to take the new one I received and set it with the mini Genie in my bedroom to RF and set to control my TV. Any advice on any other options before I have to call and get a new HR44?

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