RCA ANT751R Outdoor Antenna - Reviews, opinions, or general thoughts?


Ive been thinking about getting the ANT751R for sometime now and may actually place an order this week. My questions on it have more to do with the overall design and build quality of it more so than whether this antenna is suitable for my area.

Is there anybody on the forum that owns the RCA ANT751R or has any experience with it? How well does it hold up during cold and snowy winters? I'd like to get a good 10-15 years of usage out of it. Think it's possible?


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Since I don't require VHF reception at my location, I have not personally used that antenna here. However, from what I've heard and read from owners, and from other installers, the 751r is a decent antenna. Any decent antenna should last 10-15 years in cold and snow. The 751r is also a relatively small antenna so wind damage is rare.


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The RCA ANT751R is actually manufactured by Winegard, who has an excellent reputation for quality. The ANT751R is essentially a Winegard HD7000R without the low VHF dipoles.


Thanks for the info, just ordered at Tiger Direct $28.99 with shipping :)
Got the Hd7000r and was a little disapointed as I thought it would be a little more stout. As an amateur radio operator I am acustom to HD Antennas. But for the money I think it was a good buy. One of the elements was slightly bent thanks to UPS but I was able to fix it.
Most of our locals in NE Tucson are at 30* but we have 13.1 and 13.2 @ 240* but with this antenna I get 80% from the backside. 27.2 & 27.3 are at 245* with no signal.
So I am considering a UHF yagi and a combiner. My other option is install a spare Ham 4 rotator. A little big and stout for my application.
Any suggestions on a yaga for uhf in the purple zone?



I purchased the RCA ANT751R after reading ALL the "glowing reviews" and I'll have to say they must have been posted by RCA. I mounted my antenna above my rooftop peak 6', aimed it EXACTLY towards the broadcast station tower(146.6 degrees) to the southwest, and ONLY 14 miles away and it will NOT even pick that signal up. I'm returning it to Amazon and as far as I'm concerned, IT IS A PIECE OF JUNK!!

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Did you switch your tuner away from CABLE to Terrestrial or over the air (OTA) before you tried that antenna?

If you didn't do that first, your tuner could not have known the antenna was even there.

The 751 is a pretty good in-town antenna for many, but you have to give it a chance.


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