RCA ANT751R vs other outdoor antennas?


Got an email from a friend of the family asking about the ANT751R antenna. I've sent him an email asking him to give me his TVFool report, but in the mean time, what are the general thoughts here on the ANT751R? My friend is using a flat style antenna in his attic now and said that he's missing a couple of stations.


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The ANT751R is a good antenna if you have strong to moderate signals (VHF high and UHF) coming from a single direction. So, the question would be, what is his tvfool, and what stations is he missing? Depending on the tvfool, there could be better antennas.


I'm still waiting for his exact address. I think his main problem is line of sight, surrounded by a forest (on two sides of his house). The ANT751R is more of a directional antenna right? Hmm I need that address I guess before I give him a recommendation.
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