Rca ant751r


Hi, Im new here.
I'm fed up with paying a cable bill of over $100 a month to get spotty reception and scores of channels I don't want or need. Since I'm 29 miles from the Sacramento CA transmitter it appears the RCA751R would work for me
Two local stores have websites that indicate they carry this antenna, but when I've gone there they don't.
(1) How can I locate a local store that carries this item? The RCA site doesn't say what stores carry the antenna and I don't shop online.
(2)If I get the antenna, will it include everything I need to plug and play?
Thanks in advance,
36 rascal.


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Oops you're correct. But at least a few local Lowes stores carry it in store along with Menards I know. The others Home depot and Walmart are online only or ship to store too.
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I'm fed up with paying a cable bill of over $100 a month ... I don't shop online.
That summarizes your problem! If you pay Walmart through a credit or debit card online, and you use their secure https connection, how is that any less safe than using your card in a store? As many Target customers recently discovered, the numbers immediately hit the internet anyhow.