RCA DTA 809 Converter box

help me

I have been unable to program the remote to work my televison, have tried over 5o various codes located on the internet and the remote still will not adjust the sound, or turn on and off. It as batteries, and is set to the correct channel.

This conversion is very very frustrating!!!


DTVUSA Jr. Member
also unable to use converter remote with tv.

You helped me once before Jay. I can only use the remote
that came with the older tv. Also when the tv on, the light on the front of the converter box stays red, and at all times, on or off.:confused: The tv works fine with the old remote to it. The Tv was a Montgomery Wards.
I have a DTX9950 converter box. I put the converter box
on top of the tv.
Thank you for any advice. I am egw26 and in my 80's not understanding sometimes what to do. Elizabeth: