rca dta800b1 with universal remote

so i acquired a rca dta800b1 without a remote a while back. i managed to get it programmed to my tv via a universal remote made by "onn" if i remember correctly. that remote has long since met its demise in the hands of a 6 year old. i picked up a g.e. universal remote that has the exact box listed in the code list but it doesnt control the box, only the volume and power of the t.v. itself. the code list only has the one code specifically for the box. also, IIRC its the exact same code that worked with "onn" brand remote i used a couple months ago to set it up.

this is the second remote i have tried, the other was made by rca and it failed as well.

any ideas? i would like to use the remotes i have to avoid ordering from ebay or buying a new box altogether.:flush:

thanks folks


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You would think an RCA remote would control an RCA converter.
Just keep going to Walmart and Kmart, and keep returning them until you get one that works. If that doesn't work, you can go to eBay: RCA Converter Box Remote | eBay .

I have some 7 device universal learning remotes that cost me about $30. When I get a new device, I program the universal remote and put the original remote, without batteries, in the drawer with my other original original remotes. Not only will I never have to find a replacement, I have only one remote to deal with, and the on button, record button, etc. are the same for every device.


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I have one of those converter boxes. If you have a directv remote, or any other universal remote. Choose the (Sat/cable) button and program it to control an RCA directv receiver and it should work with that converter box.


DirecTV remote model RC64 controls RCA DTA800B1 digital adapter!

DirectTV remote model Rc64 will control the RCA model DTA8001B1 digital receiver. Set the remote's switch to unused AV1 or AV2 position, simultaneously press and hold mute and select buttons until indicator gives a double flash and immediately enter code number 00392 after which the indicator will double flash in acceptance. Works menu and it's navigation, channel up and down, and numerical keypad. Maybe more if you're adventurous.


Seconding the DirectTv remote. I purchased the RC65X ON Ebay. Code 00392 worked to control the DTA8001B including all the setup menus and programming functions.