RCA RCN03BR "Universal" remote incompatible with my RCA DTA800B1 DTV Box


I purchased an RCA RCN03BR universal control for my RCA DTA800B1 digital converter box. I have tried scanning many ways through direct code entry, manual search, auto search, and brand name search. My first remote didn't work, I replaced it and I have the same issue. Both worked with a TV I had. The online manual (dated 2010) differs than the one I have (2015). http://rcaaudiovideo.com/remote-code-finder The online manual and photos claim to have a button "SAT CBL DTC" but mine says "SAT CBL STRM", the online manual also has different numbers for the brand name search feature, and the online manual includes the codes for an RCA DTV box, which aren't included with my manual. It seems to me these newer units, although the same model, have completely replaced DTV capability for streaming devices like Apple, Roku, etc. I tried entering the codes for my DTV box as 52325, and 52454 but the power button flashes and they don't work at all. I have a nearly identical 3 year old remote that works fine and I can input the code. So ironic it's a mainstream model from 2009 and the same brand but won't work. Any way to force the remote to use the codes?