Re: Complaint - DirecTV

Re: Complaint - DirecTV

30 Months ago I signed up for a package with ATT. It included a first 3 then 6 month trial of a movie package. I WAS PROMISED that after the 6 months that the package would fall off and no bill would be attached. The Rep even promised to record it in the notes so that I would have no problems. This bill is paid for me thru my office so I did not notice the JUMP in cost untill this now.
I rarely watch TV so I did not even know the "movies" were still on. Now I'm being told thats too long ago to check on the notes and have been charge 275 dollars per month for the last 24 months for a service that I'm renewing for 109/month. If what had been promised had been delivered I would have saved aprox 3k dollars. This is deceptive. Service has really gone down hill.
I have spent severeal hours trying to "fix this" my time is valuable.

This question, "Re: Complaint," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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