Re: Got a replacement box, old box still shows up



I have the same issue. Been over 3 months. Nothing works. It's not listed under my account as registered device, it was returned. Reset system doesn't fix it. This is a bug in software, no method to manually delete and it appears that the software doesn't remove devices automatically. Not sure if it's designed to monitor pings from devices to maintain membership in device list.
Comcast please defect this and resolve, should be easy to reproduce and troubleshoot the code. Probably is just an oversight and missed in the design. It's very annoying and confusing for the family. I had to rename the correct device so that it has a different name from the "Master Bedroom" removed device.

I hope we get traction from Comcast on this! Really want to see this fixed. It should remove automatically and we should be able to manually delete devices.

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