Re: h264 picture quality (San Francisco) - XFinity

Re: h264 picture quality (San Francisco) - XFinity

Same thing just happend in San Francisco and the picture quality has suffered on some programming / channels terribly!

I particularily notice banding and severe compression on HGTV, IFC, E! -- do the Comcast "engineers" know that while a "talk show" doesn't need high bitrates, they still need SOME BITS satisfactorily display the picture!!!

I can not believe that a) there engineers and executives actually use their own Comcast/xfinity sevices, or b) there regions havent switched over yet to the new codec and compression ratios.

If the video, audio, captions, etc are modified beyond the normal leveling of signal, etc, then these new codecs and more to the point, the terribly low data rates need to be approved by the originating network(s)!

I called Comcast and they were useless and had NO WAY for me to make a complaint about picture quality or compression -- ZERO. I could make a complaint (which I did) and they can enter it into the comments in my account, but they have to way to collect any valuble data which can then be addressed or quantified.

I'm going to burn some of these terrbilby over compressed shows to CD (yes, many will fit on a CD!) or many episodes to a (single layer DVD) so they can see the terrible quaility being forced to Comcast subscribers.

Below are a list of channels/networks which have been switched in San Francisco in the past 2 months.
Comcast 94133 h264 Channels + Resolution
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