Re: How to File a Complaint - DirecTV

Re: How to File a Complaint - DirecTV

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Good morning im elizabeth sumpter
i am very upset direct tv rep came to my home to get me to switch my services from dish to direct tv that it was cheaper to be with direct i told him that i had a contact with dish he to me that if i switch he direct would take care of the early temanation fee so i switched to direct tv only to find out that the fee was not taken care of so i called direct tv office they told me that they dont do that now im stuck with that early temanation fee i am very upset with the out come and tricky that was used to get me to switch services i was lied to something need to be done about this tricky had i knowed that this was not true i would have stayed with dish tell my time was up now im stuck with all the mess of having to pay this bill they talking about sending it to my credit im buying a home and dont need that on my report i dont have money to throw away like that reps that service as your reps dont need to trick people to get them to switch i pray that this not how they are trained to do i can be reached at 3187957322 if you have anymore questions.

Signed unhappy client
elizabeth sumpter 1904 corbitt st
shreveport la 71108