Re: pixelation and wireless connection issues - XFinity

Re: pixelation and wireless connection issues - XFinity

I am experiencing the same issues and am getting pretty frustrated too. I have internet, an hd dvr box and sd box as well as voice. Over the past three weeks, we have had minor to severe pixelation on our TVs (at the same time) and our internet drops intermittently. The timing of the problems is very coincident.

I have had two techs come out (unfortunately neither time was when the problem itself was occuring). The first tech chabged some connections at the pole and into the house. The second changed the splitter. Thought the issues were resolved with the last visit but no. We've had the internet drop three times today, once yesterday and once overnight the day before.

Each time I call, they want me to reset the boxes. Not helpful.

Suggestions on escalating this issue? Not getting anywhere with the techs coming to visit.

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