Re: SD Channels Stretched with Xfinity cable box - XFinity

Re: SD Channels Stretched with Xfinity cable box - XFinity

Well hallelujah! I have a 1080i set with an 'older' box and 720i set with a Comcast digital converter that gives me a limited number of channels, and has HD capabilities too.
Seems like something went funny around the time broadcasts went to all digital. My 720 set is fine, HD channels are fine, SD channels have black bars on four sides, but are not distorted. On my 1080i set with cable box, all the SD channels got stretched! Nothing I could do from the remote or my tv's settings had any affect.
I've been combing the forums for months for an answer. Had no desire to call Comcast service from my previous experience and from what I was seeing on the forums.
FINALLY, a saw the respondent who mentioned turning OFF the cable box and pressing menu. Broadcast resumes but there in a cable box menu that I didn't know existed and I was able to fix the SD channels problem! They display with black bars, but they are normal! Not stretched!
Problem fixed...and I'm paying $165/mnth for these problems! And Comcast wants to charge me more for X1! I suppose they'll keep making changes until we're forced to upgrade.
I'm considering alternatives and rethinking my whole Comcast client 'experience''s getting way too expensive. Maybe we should just all pay for nice meals out, or plays or movies instead.

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