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I know this thread was started back in March 2018, but I am seeing this issue currently. I switched to using my own cable modem at least a year ago, which I registered online with Xfinity through their website. I am positive that I have been able to access streaming content for quite some time after switching to my own modem and router. The inability to access streaming content through the Xfinity app is a newer issue.

I have not formally contacted customer service regarding this yet, but I plan on doing so when I am at home tonight (or in the next few days at most) where I have access to the devices and their technical information (MAC address, manufacturer, model/serial number, etc.) If anyone has any specific advice about this issue, please reply! I would greatly appreciate it.

I originally logged on to see why the Starz app is not supported on Xfinity when all of the other major cable providers in the United States seem to not have enough of a problem with Starz selling their own service directly through the app to boycott their customers' ability to use it. What's wrong, Xfinity? Do you think we won't find out that we can subscribe to yet another stand-alone streaming service if you block everyone's access to the Starz app?

I have already read through that thread in these forums, which has been conveniently locked so no one else can ask any follow-up questions there. The answers given alternate between: finger-pointing at Starz, stating Xfinity's objection to Starz offering direct subscriptions in their app, Pointing out that one can stream Starz through the Xfinity app, and people (correctly) responding that there are several situations where one cannot use the Xfinity app, such as Amazon's Firestick device, airplanes, and other situations.

Like many others, I am beginning to think that I am paying Comcast/Xfinity way too much every month to have to tolerate these kind of service issues as well as authoritarian choices to disallow third-party apps that make native subscription offers to users that compete with Xfinity. Unfortunately, they hold a virtual monopoly on true broadband internet, so they will continue to get my money in that category for now.

Xfinity's pratices of throttling internet traffic and not treating cord-cutters and people with their own hardware equally almost certainly ensure that when I move from my current apartment next spring, I will look for a new home in an area where either Google Fiber and/or municipal fiber is available as an alternative. I am luckier than most to live in an area where these options are even available, unlike the majority of the residents of the United States.

However, I am willing to maintain an open mind. We had an unrelated technical problem with our recorded videos using the Xfinity-provided DVR in the past couple of months. My wife called in and we had a technician out the next day who was able to completely resolve the issue and he provided us with a brand new DVR unit. This was a refreshingly great service experience from Xfinity, and if I continue to see such good service, along with proof that I am not being throttled and I am receiviing the same Internet Speed Boost that folks using the Xfinity cable modem/router are, then we will likely continue to subscribe to Xfinity, although I still don't agree with the decision to block customers' usage of the Starz app, along with any other apps similarly blocked for similar reasons. We shall see.

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