Re: X1 Technical Issues - XFinity

Re: X1 Technical Issues - XFinity

Seeing others Recently Watched, Recordings and Devices

Ever since I received X1 service a few months ago I have had the problems (on DVR and TV app) of "Ghost Recordings", seeing someone else's "Recently Watched", having items on my DVR mysteriously deleted, and being able to see other people's devices being tied to my account under "Manage Devices" in the app

I have called Customer Service numerous times. I have gotten another box. There was a Moca (POE) filter installed yesterday bc they thought that would stop it. I did the research and thought that too, but the problem still persists.

I've changed my login info twice and only I know the credentials. I am sick of this issue.

Photo: I have no idea who Audrey or cearrey is.

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