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I've been a Xfinity customer from July 2019 with TV (non-HD) and Internet service, with a leased modem-router. I was looking to reduce bill from leasing modem-router and also add HD package. Service representative said Wireless TV Box can also give HD channels at just $10/month. Got a compatible ARRIS Surfboard on 11/28 to replace the leased equipment, and it works like a charm. This morning, i went to Service center to return my leased modem-router, and also return my TV box to get a Xi5-p Wireless Box. No one mentioned to me it won't work with my own router. Came back home, and i was able to watch TV (only when Ethernet cable plugged in to Xi5). But HD channels were not coming. Spoke to customer service, who said they saw some error in their side and tried to fix this.. It ended up Xi5 was not turning-on anymore and they're sending a technician on 11/30. Wondering what'll be the outcome!

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