Reality Programming is changing History


#1 in "The History Channel."

Just as The Real World marked a quantum shift from music videos to the so-called "reality show" format in MTV (which I now dub Moronic Television), shows such as Ax Men and Ice Road Truckers seem to be sprouting like mushrooms at the channel now called "History."

I'm not sure if I read it in TV Guide or simply heard rumors, but I heard somewhere that the channel is going to spin off its war documentary library and spin it off into a new channel: Military History. This means, quite simply, that the A&E sister network which was once called The Hitler Channel because of its World War II programming is now going to be almost devoid of, well, history programs.

If this trend keeps up, I'm going to stop watching this channel, which is now mostly dribble or about engineering.


Fortunately there is still "history" on the History Channel, but I think you're right. Reality TV is rearing it's ugly head on a once great channel.


I never heard of the Hitler Channel. I wouldn't think it would get many viewers to begin with. If the History Channel is switching over to Reality Shows, I don't see the point. If we want to watch reality shows, we would be watching them already. We watch the History Channel because we want History not Reality (well, maybe I should say Fake Realty).


If it happens this way it, the viewers will be really dismayed and I will be one of them. What is the exact ideas of doing all this. This channel already has huge viewership.

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