Reality Show for the famiy of Whitney Houston


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Personally, I am not surprised but it really makes me sick, too. I don't like the Houston family. I think many of them are very two-faced. Look at Dionne ... she's a diva whose had plenty of problems, including those with the law, herself. I won't be watching, that's for sure.
Whitney Houston had her first huge musical hit at age 17 -- exactly when crack cocaine was all the rage. All musicians (well, nearly all) fooled around with that s&^t at that time. Nobody knew. I know she denied it, but I'm 95+% sure she got hooked before she turned 21. It really, truly only takes two or three hits and you're toast. The chemical nature of your brain is changed forever. The frontal lobes (judgement ... morality) aren't even fully developed until age 25.

If the show would make this point, that it doesn't matter how talented, how smart, or how rich you are, there are some things you simply can't touch, then maybe the program would be justified. Unfortunately, I doubt that will be a priority.



, Blogger: Orry's Orations
The family wants to use Bobby Brown as a scapegoat and I don't buy it. As I recall, Auntie Dionne had her troubles with drugs as well. Actually, I think Clive Davis pushed Whitney back into performing too soon. My sister and I talked about it at the time. She wasn't ready, and I think that killed her eventually.

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