THis is the real problem that needs attention !!!

l. The sales person at AT&T was not fully knowledgeable about the rebate offer.
2.The first question i asked when considering my switch from Dish to Direct TV was "Do I really get a $200 rebate"? YES......
3.NO ONE in the store including the manager was aware of this "strategy to not pay the Rebate to the customer" by adding another step to get your customer promised rebate....a Claim Letter.
4. NO ONE said "Watch the Mail and you MUST call and CLAIM your rebate" !!
5.Do you have any idea how many "Offers and mail communications we get offering rebates from Walmart, and other companies trying to get us to switch and bundle with AT&T?
6. Sooo, after we signed the paperwork....we were told just to watch the mail and we would receive our VISA card in the mail....NO PROBLEMS or anything left to do....
7. So any AT&T communications to me that arrived in my box was considered N/A because I had already been taken care of by the very happy salespeople down at AT&T. Very happy to get both my money and my daughters money....
8. We were MISLED....and uninformed about all your requirements and strategies not to give rebate in the first place. "Good Trick"
9. So the salesperson said "If you have any problems and you do not get your rebate , just come back here and we will take care of it"
10 We did ! She stayed on the phone with you guys forever...being passed around ...entering information ...and trying to find OUT WHY and WHAT was wrong...
11.She contacted several Supervisors, which were on vacation , explaining the situation, and asking for help . Her sad face said, "If they dont send rebate, maybe they will credit account for that amount"
12.So now your salespeople dont trust the "headshed" and neither do many, many customers.
14. If you feel like you dont owe us the rebate....then credit our accounts (shirley durham and Kaye Pace) with $200......
15.After that I can stop talking badly about AT&T and I can stop saying "DONT switch service and DONT trust AT&T because they have all kinds of tricks built into the find print NOT TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS>....

Shirley Durham...Kaye Pace (my daughter, which I talked into switching...I am still saying "I am so sorry ")

This question, "REBATE," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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