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One of the best online tools I have used to establish OTA HDTV for myself and for others is the REC Networks system, however, their website has been undependible for the last few months and recently, none of my old 'saved' links worked at all. Today I tried reentering the website at its main page and everything works! I deleted the old links to specific stations to make new ones. This is a very handy website.

Aside from transmitter locations, ERP and antenna heights, the site generates maps (see my Avatar) predicting field strength and reception ranges of TV stations (including translators) FM and AM radio stations. It will also generate satelite maps where you can actually view the transmitting towers and associated buildings.

When you use it, pay attention to the 'entry version' date and whether the entry is pending, accepted, rejected or dismissed by the FCC. Usually, accepted means the current status. Their latest press release explaining their 'down-time' is here: From 01/10/10, updated 01/11/10: REC Networks
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