receiver black screen, no service - DirecTV

I'm not getting any error message, but my hr20-700 (around 10 years old) is not working properly for the past 3 days. Everytime i try to turn it on by pushing the power button on the remote i see the greenlight blink once under the directv symbol on the remote and then once under the "tv" symbol, then after about 1 minute the receiver powers on but goes to a black screen.

at that point, sometimes i access the info bar, but the there is no tv show, the screen, other than the blue directv info bar is black and pushing buttons on the remote do's like the receiver is sluggish for a few minutes and then for a split second responds but freezes again.
no sound either
refreshing the receiver does nothing, when i reset the receiver, the past 2 days it worked fine until i would turn it off, then the next time i turned it on, i'd have to reset it again......but today i reset it and was watching tv for about 20 minutes and the screen just went black and the receiver is again not responding i reset it again.....and it's working again.

I have good internet connection to the receiver, the receiver's firmware/software seems to be up to date
i have another non-hd receiver upstairs that is functioning problems.

sat and antenna strength is 96%
system test shows nothing wrong
my internet router and modem are functioning properly and dsl speed is 40mb down 6mb up.

what could be the problem?
how do i fix this?

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