Receiver can't be "seen" for purposes of in home streaming - DirecTV

I have an HR44 connected to my home network via an Ethernet cable, and although all my Directv apps can "see" the receiver for the purposes of controlling it via the app(channel change, etc) these same apps(and for PC) cannot "see" it to allow me to view channels in the home on the apps.
While this isn't a big issue for tablet/phone since they can use MobileDVR, its a big deal for the PC.
Is there a setting i'm missing on the reciever that will allow this? it seems odd that i can control it via the apps, but they won't acknowledge that i'm connected to the same network for the purposes of watching a channel on a tablet/phone/pc..

This used to work, as far as i can recall it stopped working with the latest receiver software update(10/27).
Apps involved: Android phone/Tablet, iPhone, Directv player on via Firefox on windows 10.

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