Receiver Compatibilty with Winegard Travler - DirecTV

Hi. I just installed a Winegard Travler SK-SWM3 antenna on my new fifth wheel. I have two older Directv receivers, one HD and one HD DVR. They worked fine with an older Travler I had. It was non SWM. The new one is SWM. When I try to get the receivers to work, I get a message that the receiver is not seeing the SWM. I have been told that the older receivers are not going to work with the new Travler. When I go in to select sat type, the Travler wants SL3-SWM. My receivers only have an option for SL3-LNB. Do I need to get newer versions of my receivers to be compatible ? In the Winegard instructions they show the same model receiver ( newer I am sure ) having a selection for SL3-SWM. I don't mind buying 2 new receivers, I just want to make sure I need them. Thanks

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