receiver still having fits - DirecTV

I am about to have it with att. After all did they not buy directv? The previous failures from att to resolve the receivers acting up resulted in one "technician" being here less then 10 minutes. With ALL they did was replace both receivers. This last one put all blame on roaches. Suggesting to put "roach motels" around receivers. There os NO telling when the receivers will have fits.

BOTH receivers do it all when having fits. Turn on, off, channels, go into menu. I havde called att (directv for others to be slap happy). About this to many times to be simply be informed for them to inform me in their "reply" for me to call. Further, if they do call, They need understand to speak CLEARLY they are not a telemarketer. Resulting in a whistle being blown. Also, do NOT go sayijg how you "are sorry" for the problems I have wih the receivers. That does not cut it.

I am convinced there is a design problem with the receivers. ATT (directv) YOU call me. That voice respojsed you have SUCKS!!!

This question, "receiver still having fits," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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