Recent power outage made me lose TV channels!


Recently after a severe power outage my box would not work with the tv, used to get TWO (2) CHANNELS NOW ITS ONLY snow! wHAT HAPPENED? wHY ONLY 2 CHANNELS,WHEN I THOUGHT I would get more and is the repair probable or do I have to purchase another box, that goverment shoul pay for since they forced me to buy one! I have a good antenna,so I don't think that is the problem.

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:welcome: georgetta,

First, do to your "severe power failure" your TV set may have 'forgotten' what channel it was previously 'parked on'. Verify it is on channel 3 or 4, matching your converter box output setting.

Next, the memory in your converter box may have been erased do to your "severe power failure" so it is time to rescan for channels.

You wrote "I have a good antenna" but that may be what a salesman told you and not necessarily true. What DO you have for an antenna and how high is it above the ground, outdoor/indoor? Please update. We can help.

Last, odds are we can help you get many more FREE channels if you share your TV Fool link with us. Not to worry, that website conceals all addresses from all viewers.



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Greetings georgetta welcome to the Forum :welcome:

Jim is giving you some solid advice !
Give us your chart link like he said, and, it takes a little time to figure this stuff out, but, we'll be glad to help.

Have a good Day ! :)