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Let me start by posting a big thank you for the excellent advice I got on here around a year and a half ago. Here's that thread.

Now I have a new problem. Previously, I was quite satisfied with my reception but, the last couple months I've been getting skips and pixelation mostly at night. They skips are random and very brief. Things are still watchable but, it's pretty irritating. I did some searches on the problem and from what I can tell, this is an indication that I'm just at the edge of the signal.

I'm using a Clearstream 2V antenna. From my reading, I really only have 2 choices here. I can either put in a different antenna or I can put in a preamp. Which would you recommend? Also if you think I need a different antenna, please let me know which one.

Current TVFOOL link.

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What stations are you having problems with? And, which direction is your antenna pointed? There are so many stations on your TVfool, and they are coming from every direction.


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Thank you for the reply. The antenna is pointed at roughy 150 degrees. Most of what I watch is recorded on a PVR but, I can name at least some of the stations. WCNC-HD, WCCB-DT, WJZY-HD, WSOC-CR seem to be the main ones.

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Mickey Rat,

All four of the UHF stations you listed should be received easily and you shouldn't need any amplifiers. Since your reception problems began this winter, is it possible rain water has entered your coaxial cable? If so, it needs to replaced (and waterproofed). You might improve your reception by moving your antenna a few feet up OR down, forward, backward, or a few feet to the right or left.

You said you use a PVR, but does pixelation also appear when you watch live shows on your TV? If your reception is steady on the TV, it is possible the PVR Tuner is at fault.

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Thanks for the reply. I was afraid you'd say something like that. I really don't have a reasonable way to switch tuners. The coax doesn't end near a TV. I'm using an HDHomerun network tuner and I have small computers at the TVs. If you read my first post you know I'm a computer geek. :) The tuner software does have a signal strength meter and a couple channels are getting signals in the high 80s to low 90s. The others are at 100%.

The coax is 100 feet long and it runs through the attic to the antenna on the roof. I'm not real keen on replacing the whole length. I did go up there and to check it before I posted here. I didn't detect any water in the end and it is in a fairly sheltered spot. I also packed it with dielectric grease when I installed it and I repacked it while I was up there. I don't suppose there's a good way to check the coax.

I didn't mention it but, I did see one video from a guy that claimed to have had a Clearstream and he said it was great but, after about 2 years, water got to it. The thing is he was replacing it with a muhu that he said was wonderful. That set off my BS-ometer and I didn't give it much credence. Now I have to ask do you guys know about any issues over time with the Clearstream?


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I've never had a Clearstream, so I have no info on how they perform over time. I really didn't want to spend $100 for an antenna that wasn't meant for my situation. I've only had Antennacraft, home builts, and Stellar Labs.

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With 100 feet of coax loss you need to buy a good preamp to recoop the loss.
The proper way to weatherproof coax connections is to use butyl rubber tape like "coax seal" and weather seal rings for f connections.
Grease tends attract dirt and it will ooze out and can contaminate the foam dielectric causing signal loss.