Recent Uverse TV GUI Update - Boo hiss!! - DirecTV

So, recently there was an update to the Uverse tv GUI (graphical user interface). Most of the changes are good,but there is one change that is, frankly, awful.

When you're in your favorite channels & you hit the 'INFO' button to get more info on a particular tv show, then when you hit either the 'INFO' or 'BACK' button to exit the info, the GUI takes you all the way back in your favorites to the channel you are currently watching.

So for example, if you're watching channel 1012, go into Favorites, scroll through the Favorites, hit INFO on channel 1656 to get info about the show that's on that channel, hit INFO (or BACK) to exit the info screen, the Favorites scroll all the way back down to channel 1012, basically starting you back at the beginning of your Favorites.

This is so annoying, I don't really have words for how annoying it is - especially since Favorites didn't behave like this before the recent update. Equally annoying is that when you're in the Guide & hit INFO and hit INFO (or BACK) to exit, you stay on the channel you got the info on in the Guide - the same experience that used to be on the Favorites.

Not sure what kind of user testing was done on this recent change, but considering what an awful user experience this is, I'm assuming not much or no user testing was done.

What gives, AT&T?

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