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The channels I desire are:

WTVT 13.1 Fox

I current have the Esky HG-995 (Link) installed in my attic (~25' above ground). Longest run from antenna is roughly 75' of RG6 quad (at least all the wire I've seen with my eyes) with a single splitter and a "female to female" union.

I can get all channels... most of the time. I get random signal loss and pixelation. The HG-995 comes with a pre-amp and I've had mixed results with it. Sometimes turning it off or on improves the signal, sometimes it doesn't. I know this only effects the signal as it's already captured by the antenna (if I have interpreted that correctly) so I'm really wondering if this antenna is not strong enough to get the signal.

Open to buying another antenna to put in the attic (She Who Must Be Obeyed will not allow me on the roof anymore... :chicken:) as the HG-995 can technically still be returned.

All opinion/suggestions appreciated!!


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That brand antenna if poorly made and not good for US TV - it's more suited to China, where it's made. The amp is noisy and fails often, as does the rotor. And you don't need a rotor or amplifier (unless you are splitting to more than 3 TV sets)! You can get every channel you need by pointing to about 128 degrees.

Return the antenna. I recommend this from Stellar Labs (30-2440): VHF/UHF/HDTV Fringe Yagi Outdoor Television Antenna

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MrPogi, thanks for your input. I'll look into that antenna tomorrow. Only other thing is that I need to get a two way splitter (only have two TVs that I want service for). I assume a splitter is a splitter is a splitter, right? Something around 3-4dB loss should be anticipated?

Thanks again. I hope to eventually understand all the nuances and give back the knowledge like you all do.
Actually, as I continue to read, I think maybe a tap would be better? My line off the antenna comes down a wall that is close to my secondary TV in my bedroom. This TV isn't the one I care about so much. The primary TV is further down the line between the floors and down another wall to my living room. So, would I use a tap to give signal on the other side of the wall (with higher attenuation) and then let it continue to my primary?

Where-as a splitter would literally split the signal between both causing equal attenuation (though my living room TV will suffer more due it's continued journey). Am I thinking along the right lines?
While you are thinking along the right lines. The first goal should always be to establish reliable reception to one TV before trying to split the signal. I would suggest starting with one coax to one TV. In the proposed installation I would start with a single coax to the more distant TV using a simple barrel connector where the splitter or tap will later be placed. If signals are indeed as strong as they are predicted to be at your location you should not have any problems using a single split. You should not need an amplifier. In strong signal areas an amplifier can sometimes do more harm than good. Nearby trees, buildings, or building materials in use could greatly attenuate signals from the levels predicted at your location.