Reception in the winter

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DirecTV does use a dish. Snow can be a problem.

The best answer is to have it mounted on a pole or somewhere you can reach it to brush it off as needed.

Does that do it for you?

Hope it helps.


Reception in the Winter

While I have competing DISH Network, it is pretty similar. While I haven't ever had to clear snow from my satellite dishes, we do indeed get snow here in Minnesota. As an aside, I have experienced loss of signal during certain rainstorms, however.


The Mod Squad
Wet snow will stick to the Dish. I have had this problem several times.

I have one dish up on the roof and have gotten pretty good at taking a shot at it with a snowball. Wet snow packs into a snowball pretty good.

If the weather forecast is for colder weather after the snow is over, get that snow off before it gets too cold as the snow will get icy and much harder to get off the dish.

Some people actually spray the dish with non-stick cooking spray. I have never done this myself but it is said to work.