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Greetings; We live in Van Buren, Arkansas, 72956
We are among those cutting the cord with cable. Our TV is analogue, so we needed a converter box and along with that, we purchased a pair of rabbit ears just to see what we could pick up. Surprisingly enough, we received about 10 channels which included NBC and Fox and CBS, can't say for sure now that ABC was there. Anyhow, if we get those four we will be happy. Noteworthy is the fact that what we got was clearer than the cable reception. Next, we opted to install an outside antenna and purchased a WA-2608 HDTV outdoor unit by Able Signal, thru Amazon. We installed that unit on a mast 20 feet above ground. Our neighbor has an outside antenna as well and they are a little downhill from us so our unit comes out higher than theirs. They say the get about 14 channels, including the four we want. After hooking up our antenna to our TV, we get 10 channels which don't include CBS and ABC. CBS here is KFSM and their tower is about 6 miles from us. I can't speak for ABC because I don't now where that comes from Any how we are at a loss as to why we cannot pick up a station that is only six miles from us. Noteworthy too is the channels we do pick up are somewhat vertically elongated with the outside antenna. We appreciate any input.


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First thing I will say is to do as Steve says and do that TVfool report.

Then I'll tell you that you should return that antenna you bought ASAP. While it may work for a while, it's not designed for US TV frequencies and it's poorly constructed in China. Esky, Able, Lava antennas are all the same. They tend to fall apart within a year. The rotor is usually the first thing that stops working. The amp is noisy - and you may not need an amp. In fact, amplification can cause problems. Return it while you can, and we can tell you what will work best.

Do it right, and you'll never have to replace it.

Jim Navotney

The WA-2608 is a poor antenna for your location.
Buy a Channel Master CM-3016 and point it at Ft Smith and you will get twice as many channels.

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