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I was wondering, if my TV is picking up a station enough to tell me the station name but the screen is black,should I be able to bring that station in?


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I get channels 19,42,49,17,28 and channel 12 is sporadic until the leaves fall off the trees around my house.
My antenna is pointed directly towards channel 42
The channels that are coming up black are
The coax on my roof is about 50 feet long and about 5 years old.

I use an Antennas Direct DB4E with a RCA TVPRAMP1R
I did some looking into your channel situation. Three of the virtual channel numbers you listed could be coming from the Alexandria translators and are repeats of Minneapolis area channels, they are listed at signal levels that I would normally consider to be too weak be reliably received. If they are indeed coming directly from Minneapolis they are Tropo signals which will only be received when weather conditions allow for it but can be quite strong for short periods of time.
Here is the zip code based report I used to determine what is on the translators.
Click on the call signs on the report to get information on what they are transmitting.
You can get a more accurate report for your location by filling out your exact address, checking the optional strength search box, and entering antenna height.
What I did see in your TV Fool report, and your report of channels received is you could probably benefit by adding a small VHF antenna 12 would likely be stable aimed that direction, or you should be able to add 7 to your channel lineup. Your TVPRAMP1R makes it an easy addition.
Stellar Labs Fringe Directional Antenna VHF-HI HDTV 174 - 230MHz | 30-2475 (302475) | Stellar Labs
I chose that one based on price and performance. There are certainly other ways to add VHF. I'm not certain that the simple add on dipole kit would be enough in your area. I feel the AD C5 is a very high priced way to add VHF. The widely available RCA ANT751 could be hooked to the VHF side of the amplifier and has about the same VHF performance as the C5.


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Some of my subchannels here in Vegas are black - that happens when the broadcaster isn't broadcasting anything. Usually when you have no signal or weak signal you get a blue screen, and some tuners report "No Signal"


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The channels are there because I get them in the mornings. It's strange because when these channels do come in I lose the channels I normally get. It gets frustrating trying to figure this all out. Lol
You have little bit of Tropospheric Enhancement, or Tropospheric Ducting going on. Tropospheric Enhancement can be pretty common in some parts of the country, and occur on an almost daily basis.
Tropospheric DX Modes
Stable temperature inversions that break up later in the day, or in stormy weather.