I wanted you guys to know that WOWVision! was cited as a reference in Broadcast Engineering November 2009.

It is on page 14 in the feedback section. The nice part is that I didn't send them a feedback letter. I made comments online to a great article and they chose to reprint them with the link.

Here's where to find the article (well worth reading). My comments are found on two of the 5 installments. All five parts are difficult to find, so here are the links:

Satellite TVRO Part 1
Satellite TVRO Part 2
Satellite TVRO Part 3
Satellite TVRO Part 4

Reprinted comment:

Satellite TVRO Part 5

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Thank you Aaron!

I am happy to share with anyone, and I'd be happy to look into what EV and I can do for each other. What area specifically do you think we could corroborate?

I'm still trying to read stuff on here and get up to speed.



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I need to build a website or 2 this year. My first ever. Should provide lots of learning experience and opportunity to make a myriad of mistakes.


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Tip #1.

Paying for your own web host is the best way to go, as it gives you more ownership rights and control of your information. And if you do that WordPress is the most common and one of the best software for blogging in that realm.

However you can start blogging in literally minutes, with Google's "Blogger" software, and they provide the server space. However, that also limits your control and ownership of the blog and its information. That being said, tons of people blog with Blogger. It's very popular and as such like the free WordPress, has lots of community support and creation of widgets and code for customization of it.

Hope that helps.
I don't understand or even care to understand copyright or ownership stuff.

I don't have much of a clue about website mechanics. I use Frontpage 2003 which I don't think is used much anymore.

I've built a two published websites using it. The first was for my transportation business and then there's WOWVision!.

I only understand a little of website promotion and SEO.

Too many (unnecessary?) learning curves!