Recomendation for a new TV.


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Hey Guys,
first of all I'm not sure if I am on the correct category, if not I'd ask a mod to move it.

Ok.. I'm looking for a big tv. More than 50". I know that that from the point of view of the quality a 40" with 1080p will be better since the resolution is tha same so on a bigger size bigger at the pixels... Ok.. besides that as the girls denied on public but affirm with their friend.... the size matters jajajaja.....
well I'm moved to a new appartment... and I'd love to have a big tv....

Talking about technology, after reading a lot i think I would go with a Plasma... since basically I will use it for sports, console games, and may be for some movies.

I was checking also some Led LCD... but I think they are pretty expensive and not sure if I should go with them.
Also, I have a friend who has one feature pretty cool on his tv: PIP so he can divide it in parts and watch in the case of basketball games 2 at the same time... don't know.. it's cool but I', not sure how many time I'll use it..

ok, my idea budget will be no more than 1000, but I could extended it up to 1300...

thanks in advance for all your answers..

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:welcome: torcator,

Aaron is spot-on with his question to you.

I posted a link to an online "recommended screen size" calculator here earlier this month and here's the link:

I wanted an enormous set as well until I ran a similar online calculator offered by Sony and it was right - I was wrong but I followed their recommendation and bought a 40".

I have had to train myself to stop leaping out of my chair and dashing toward the set to check out something in detail that I am watching in SD (all shows on my RTV subchannel) -- because the image rapidly becomes fuzzy to view. If your set is too large to begin with, you may not be able to watch SD programming in the same room with the set! Just a heads-up and welcome.


Wanted to chime in here as well, make sure you do some research on the different types of LED / LCD TV sets, edge-lit vs local dimming.

I know some people on here like the Vizio TV sets, but I went over to a friend's house this weekend with a 40" Vizio and the standard digital picture was awful, much worse than my 40" Toshiba.


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How far away will seating be from the TV? An approximate will do....and welcome to the forum!
I've just measure the room.. I'll be seating 12 feets from the TV.

Jim In Seattle said:
I posted a link to an online "recommended screen size" calculator"
tried to use, but it's really complicated for me :(

CptlA said:
make sure you do some research on the different types of LED / LCD TV sets
Uhh I thought that I did enought research but seems that is't not true...
I've read that plasmas, specially panasonic are better than LCDs.


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Plasma vs LCD depends on what you want and how you view them. The differences aren't as dramatic anymore, but they are still there. I'm in the market for a 50" TV too, but I know I'll get a LCD because my TV is on almost 24/7. A Plasma doesn't have the endurance for that. I don't know what brand I'm getting yet -- Samsung maybe or Mitsubishi.