Recommend a Keyboard


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I need a new keyboard.

Some requirements.

Small form factor is better.

Like click clack keys, not silent. Mechanical keys would be swell, but non mechanical is OK too.

USB Wired, no wireless.


I havea Saitek Eclipse Blue LED Backlit and really like it. It meets all my requirements, however, I like to try new things too.

I checked newegg, and of the popular keyboards (of which the Saitek Eclipse is one), the abs M1 looked interesting.

Or I could go cheap with this Lite On 2 Tone.

What say you?
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I like the Microsoft keyboards, particularly the Comfort Curve line that have the media player keys at the top. The curve isn't overly noticeable either. It has a nice fit for my fingers. The one I have is click-clacker if you press the keys hard enough but quiet if you're gentle. Just noticed that I also have a web/home button, search, and mail button at the top of my board too. Never really noticed that before now. lol