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Looking for input or a recommendation for a HDTV that will allows for a "manual" or an "update" type of scan along with the normal scan capabilities. My current set does not allow for the 2nd type of scan. I have 2 digital boxes that I could use, but I would prefer to upgrade to a TV that offers it instead. Looking for a 39 to 42 inch max.
Many, but not all TVs will support manual entry of real channel numbers even though it is seldom mentioned in the owner's manuals. Both my Panasonic, and Samsung TVs will accept manual entry of real channel numbers, and retain the channels in memory if a signal is found. Example in my area if I enter 35 the TV will search for signal on real channel 35, and when the signal is found the TV will display channel 2.1.
I don't know if it will work on your TV, but give it a try. Enter the real channel number for a channel you receive in your area see what happens.
I just want to add that I had owned the Samsung for several years before I figured out how to do direct channel entry using real channel numbers. I'm a slow learner, and they don't tell you how to do it.


I'm almost sure I can do the remote entry like you specified, but what I am looking for is within the menu function of the TV when you go to channels. The RCA that I have will allow you to perform a scan for all channels, however when you run another scan or many other scans, it doesn't save the original scan. The thing I'm looking for is an additional manner of scanning through the menu that allows the additional scan WITHOUT losing the original scan that I've done. I've got 2 converter boxes that allow for that function, I was hoping to find a TV that offered that same function. I guess I didn't explain it properly first.

I'm a bit of a slow learner too, trial and error of course. Appreciate the assistance though.
I understood what you meant. I was simply pointing out that different manufacturers have provided different methods to work around this problem. Unfortunately I have reason to suspect that there are products out there that have no provision for adding channels. In my travels I've seen products with an add channel menu, or an aim antenna menu in both of these cases as with products that support direct entry. You must know and use real channel numbers not virtual channel numbers. Virtual channel numbers do not exist until a signal has been found.

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