Record only NEW episodes from - DirecTV

We had to upgrade to a new Genie model and, as a result, have to manually add the 90+ programs we had set to record on our prior DVR. It's kind of a pain doing this through the remote and Genie directly.

I love that you can log in to, search for a program and record the series through the website -- much faster -- but it seems like there isn't an option to only record new/first run episodes via the website interface? Is that correct? Also, if a show is a syndicated (like The Big Bang Theory) it seems like when you use the website to set up the recording that it records episodes across all channels -- even if, afterward, you use your remote/Genie to edit the recording from the Series Manager so that it only records "first run" eps.

Any pointers or are we pretty much stuck with the slow remote + Genie method?

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