Recorded football game appears to start from beginning when advancing forward



We time shift virtually everything we watch except the news on our Xfinity DVR but especially football games. I have enabled the jump ahead 30 seconds function on the Page Up button using the following procedure.
"try using the remote press quickly ->  exit exit exit 0030 then page up should change to 30 seconds. note the setting is in the box not the remote." I got this from another post on this forum but I have seen it elsewhere on the Internet. I have been using it for several years and it always works really well. This works especially well for football games because 30 seconds is almost always the exact time between plays. However about 1 in 20 times when I use this button the recording will appear to restart at the beginning. I say it will "appear" to restart because if I press the play button or maybe the fast forward button and then play, it goes back to wherever I was during the play back. It doesn't actually go back to the beginning of the recording. This can happen anywhere during the playback of the recording. You might say "well then don't use that function" But when my wife is controlling the remote she doesn't like to use this button and instead uses the fast forward and we have seen this behavior of appearing to go back to the beginning even with fast forward. We never see this behavior with a regular TV show that we are watching recorded, only for football games. Does anyone know why this occurs?


"Recorded football game appears to start from beginning when advancing forward," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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