Recording Playback Unavailable. - DirecTV

We have had a problem with all of our UVerse recievers. Watching live TV has the ocassional freezes, but recordings are horrid. For some reason our recievers will lose connection to the network for a second and the error: "Recording playback is unavailable. Make sure this TV reciever and the DVR reciever are connected to the network." will display. Now we can click "Resume play" once and for a 30 minute recording we will be okay. However, for a 1-hour show this error will continue to happen multiple times, even making you start at the begining of the recording (the 2nd connection loss) and lose all recordings (not permenately) the third time. We have tried calling the tech guy that replaced our router (we called because the backup battery died making us need a new AC-DC power cord). but have received no response. I have restarted all recievers but this hasn't helped. Is this a TV reciever issue or a network/internet issue?

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