recording program while watching another?

I installed my box in July. I have to say it's pretty high quality picture. The only thing I have not figured out is if I can watch one program while another is being recorded. I have a DVD/VCR combo. I do not have cable.

Of course my VCR/DVD must be on channel 3 for it to record a program through the box but the box must remain on the channel it is to record so therefore I cannot change it to another channel while recording.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this or will there be some sort of trick later? I don't see how I can otherwise watch one and record another.

Anybody know?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
You'll need (2) digital-to-analog converter boxes to be able to watch one show, while recording another. One dtv converter would have to be plugged in to the input of your VCR (and then output from the VCR by coax or RCA cable to one input of your TV), and the other dtv converter would be plugged into the second input (if available) on your TV.

Let us know if you need help with the setup.