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For those of you who may have seen my first post here on the AT&T Forums, you are aware of the circumstances that bring me here. I understand that this is a very common question for DIRECTV customers, and that the outlook of my situation is pretty bleak, but I nonetheless feel compelled to ask my question here today.

In my earlier thread, I was explaining a critical malfunction that was going on with our family's DVR service. A technician came out and gave us the prognosis that our DVR service was freezing and locking up because of the low space on our DVR (we had less than 10% on both boxes), and that we would need to have at least 30% of space freed in order to correct the issue. I was obviously skeptical, and in time, I managed to repair the problem very easily. But unfortunately, before I reached the solution, we (the family collectively) had already taken steps to follow the technician's instructions, and deleted a large number of programs from our DVR boxes -- in retrospect, unnecessarily.

I already know the odds are against me in asking this, but on behalf of myself, and likely numerous others who have had this happen to them accidentally or purposefully, is there a way in which DIRECTV DVR users can effectively "undo" their deletions and restore lost programs? In my asking, the means are irrelevant if the ends are met. Whether a DIRECTV specialist would have to come out and restore deleted programs, or if there is a way for a customer to do so themselves, or if there is even a reputable third-party referral for data recovery on DIRECTV boxes, it doesn't matter -- as long as such a way exists for deleted shows, as were originally recorded (not merely scheduling a replay), can be brought back somehow on the DVR's internal hard drive.

The most distressing part of this is that entire playlists were obliterated before I ultimately managed to fix our DVR's issue on my own, and it is a hard carry to imagine being able to restore an entire playlist, let alone a few programs here and there. Again, this is a question that has haunted DIRECTV DVR customers for more than a decade, and I obviously won't be the last to ask, but nothing is gained if the question is never asked and kept fresh in the minds of DIRECTV and its developers.

Full disclosure, the original offending box was a model HR24-100 HD DVR, but the majority of the last week's deletions were conducted from a model HR54-700 Genie DVR, and both playlists were affected.

Any input, good or bad, would be appreciated. At the very least, perhaps someone in DIRECTV will work to make such means available at some later point.

Thanks very much,

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you CAN on DISH, why not DIrecTV

switch to DISH, you can undelete for 24 hours and if there is room in your dvr, it does not delete until the room is needed. COULD NOT BELIEVE when I switched to DirecTV that it did not have the same feature! Gees, we are in the year 2017!!

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