Question: Red Channels

Hello I bought an RCA ANT751R outdoor antenna and it has a 40 mile range. I pick up the yellow channels at 43 miles away but not the red ones. I live in Rosamond CA. Any suggestions?
The RCA ANT751R is not going to be anywhere near enough antenna to receive the signals in red on a TV Fool report in most locations.
While it is a very good little antenna it is not designed to receive weak signals.
If you would post a link to your TV Fool report for your exact location and antenna height we might be able to offer you more advice.
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You are not in a really great location for reception. Since the ANT751 is doing a good job at receiving the stronger VHF signals the approach I would try would be to add a high gain UHF antenna coupled to the ANT751 using a UVSJ, or in this case with no strong signals in your area a RCA TVPRAMP1r could be used to couple a high gain UHF antenna to the ANT751. You will still need the ANT751 for reception of the VHF signals you have now.
There are currently quite a few high gain UHF antennas available in both Yagi, and Bow tie reflector designs.
I would suggest trying one of the low priced Stellar Labs antennas. The 30-2415, or 30-2430.
Stellar Labs HDTV 70 Mile Deep Fringe Yagi Television Antenna | 30-2415 (302415) | Stellar Labs
Stellar Labs HDTV 80 Mile Deep Fringe Bowtie Television Antenna | 30-2430 (302430) | Stellar Labs
There are plenty of higher priced UHF antennas available if you wish to spend more money.
Receiving the signals down in the red on a TV Fool report often requires using some of the highest gain antennas antennas available. Careful placement and aiming. Higher is normally better, but not always on non line of sight signal paths. Nearby Trees or buildings can eliminate any chance of success.
The other alternative would be to replace the ANT751 with a high gain dual band antenna. Winegard HD7698P.
The RCA ANT751 is a good little antenna but was never intended for use in fringe signal areas. I think in your case it has proven itself to be quite respectable on the VHF side.