Red Green “The Wit and Wisdom Tour” live show Review

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Red Green “The Wit and Wisdom Tour” live show (tour) Review

Sunday evening 05/23/10 I attended Red Green’s live show at the Highline Performing Arts Center, just south of Seattle in Burien, Washington. The theater which is adjacent to Highline High School holds 794 and I counted 3 vacant seats. The crowd was about 2/3 men, 1/3 women and teenagers. At least 10 men were dressed exactly like Red Green with the same style hat, suspenders and pants. Many of the men in the audience wore clothing similar to what the Possum Lodge members wore in the television series: blue pants, plaid shirts and suspenders and others wore red and green including the man sitting next to me.

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he asked for just enough money to get the show started but not enough money that the network would care and get involved.
... and much like Monty Python, before the network realized what was going on, the show had too many fans... it was too late to cancel it!