Redbox movie rentals


Anybody ever try Redbox movie rentals? We just got one at our grocery store last month and I've been itching to try it. $1.00 a day for a rental. They have newly released DVDs too. Looks cheap and promising. :cheers:


I've seen it but never used it. The whole design of the thing looks so gimmicky which is probably why I've ignored it mostly. Can't beat a buck a day though.
I've used it a few times. Two things that are great about it, it's cheap if you only keep the movie for a day or two. The website allows you to pickout a movie and see which kiosk around you has it in stock which can save a trip to the store.

Couple of things I don't like is the selection of movies and TV show seasons. First off, if you're looking for Blu-Ray or HD go elsewhere because they don't carry the format. Also, they don't have television show DVDs. Not sure why.

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