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Would anyone ever consider buying a system refurbished, and in turn getting a huge discount off the price? I've never had experience with one, but I have seen several ads where the systems are going for a pretty low price if only one would be ok with the system being refurbished.


Gaming systems are good no matter what, in my opinion. If you were going to buy it refurbished, it just means it was fixed, and the problem that was in it is now gone. The parts were either fixed, or replaced totally.


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If it was an original NES system, it's good to get one with a new 72 pin connector. The SNES and N64 load from the top and can last for many years.

The orginal PS1 system has the manufactured date stamped on the bottom and you don't want the first year generations as they were prone to breakdowns.

Same thing with the first generation PS2 systems. The number on the back of the system can tell you which generation they were.

First year XBOX's were also prone to breakdowns. Always ask the store about the warranty before you purchase.
Yup, why not? Refurbished usually come with a guarantee anyway. xBox360's break down constantly anyway, so why not get that discount so you can put the money you save towards fixing it a few months later? ;D

"First year XBOX's were also prone to breakdowns. Always ask the store about the warranty before you purchase."

Aren't they all? XD
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I have a mix of experience with refurbished systems. One of them I gifted to my younger brother is going good even after three years and the one that I bought for me crashed after 3 months. I think it all depends on luck.
I thought the newer Xbox360s being manufactured had lesser technical problems.. I don't mind it refurbished if it allows me to bypass the authentication security so I could just download my Xbox games.


Personnally I think I would be ok with a refurbished system as long as I can have some type of warenty on it just incase something goes wrong with boyfriend on the other hand wouldn't get anything refurbished...the only way he will get something used is if a friend gave it to us or something like that.

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