Regional Sports Fee - DirecTV

I noticed on Jan-Feb 2017 account activity, that I am now being charged $4.53 for a Regional Sports Fee, that I did not request. When I called either billing or customer service to cancel this service, I talked with Rick who informed me that it was a charge originating from Comcast Sports in Chicago, Fox Sports-Wisconsin and Fox Sports-MidWest and I needed to contact them to cancel and they inturn would contact Directv and have them cancel the charges to my account. After contacting Comcast, with a phone number supplied by Rick, a DJ Manigos in charge of CSN media called me back to say if was COMPLETELY NOT TRUE and she was contacting Directv herself. She suggested I put in a complaint with Directv. By the way Fox has no known phone number per their website - how convenient. I absolutely hate that you have to monitor these Directv bills every month - this month not only the Regional Sports Fee but also my package increased, which I never received anything to prepare me for that either - I am a little disappointed in Directv to say the least.

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In this months Directv bill for Feb., I received an increase in my directv Xtra package of $6 and a regional sports fee of $4.53. I knew they were increasing their package charges, but this regional sports fee is ridiculous. I then received an email from AT&T that they had billed me incorrectly for my regional sports fee and would be receiving a credit for it in the next couple of months. I shouldn't have any original sports fee at all as I do not subscribe to them. I don't like receiving bills like this. It reminds me of Charter two years ago when I had to cancel services with them because my bill always had new fees. I hear from them every month trying to get me to change back to them. All they had to do was treat me right off n the first place. Now, I wonder if Directv is going to start doing this. Thx