Relief for more than the firefighters


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This is a new one for me, but yesterday, I was watching the live feed for one of the Colorado Springs TV stations and they had actually pulled in relief broadcasting help from a sister station in Nebraska. It seems that during the course of that huge fire, it had taken a toll on its staff from being on the air non-stop since the fires had started. As I said, that's a first for me, but understandable.


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For those who don't know, I live in Monument, CO, which is just north of the US Air Force Academy. My neighborhood (where I live and work) is currently on pre-evacuation status for the Waldo Canyon fire. On Wednesday the 27th I was concerned that the fire storm that happened in Mountain Shadows on the 26th (346 houses and the Flying W Ranch burned) was going to happen here. Things are much improved here, but don't know when the fire might flare up again.