Remote Control Car-Helicopter 'B' (video)


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One of the most innovative RC toys to come out in a long time, the 'B' is a remote control car that turns into a helicopter.

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The 'B' is built with a unique design which has 4 wheels, that also house propellers allowing the RC device to vertically take off when needed. An on-board camera with 1,280x720p resolution provides by viewing and recording for the controller.

The 'B's designer, computational-engineering PhD student Witold Mielniczek is funding the project through Kickstarter. Mielniczek has posted a video on YouTube of the prototype, though the RC car-chopper looks pretty polished to me.

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One con to the RC device so far is that its 2200mah li-po rechargeable battery only provides 15 minutes of driving and flying on a single charge.

Mielniczek is offering two versions of the 'B' on kickstarter, an upgradeable one that just drives for $188 (you can by the flying upgrade kit for $482), and the other version that both flies and drives for $600.

Here's the 'B' car-helicopter video on YouTube