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I currently use the RCA DTA 800A converter box which works very well so far, I have some weak signal issues on some channels I need to work through by adjusting my antenna (I hope). But what I would like to find most is a universal remote that will control this dtv box or any box for that matter that would also control my TV functions. This RCA takes care of volume on the TV which is a great plus that some converter boxes do not handle, but I need a remote that includes the SLEEP function of the TV.

Jason Fritz

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Hi J,
I use the RCA RCU900 for our main TV at our house. I paid close to $50 for it about 2 months ago, but it does have the sleep timer function on it which works with my Mitsubishi TV. Features an LCD display that lights up to which is nice if you turn off the lights like we do while you watch TV.
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